March 24, 2013

[HOW TO] Install Guitar Pro - Linux Ubuntu 64bit

  1. Download the latest .deb from Guitar Pro's website.
  2. install ia32-libs by typing:
  3. sudo apt-get install ia32-libs
  4. Now you need to edit the .deb file to remove the gksu dependency.
    1. To do that you must create a script first.
      • To create the script open a terminal and type:
        vi debscript
      • This will create a new file named debscript.
      • debscript is just an example name. You can use whatever name you want.
      • Now type or copy/paste the following:
        if [[ -z "$1" ]]; then
          echo "Syntax: $0 debfile"
          exit 1
        TMPDIR=`mktemp -d /tmp/deb.XXXXXXXXXX` || exit 1
        OUTPUT=`basename "$DEBFILE" .deb`.modfied.deb
        if [[ -e "$OUTPUT" ]]; then
          echo "$OUTPUT exists."
          rm -r "$TMPDIR"
          exit 1
        dpkg-deb -x "$DEBFILE" "$TMPDIR"
        dpkg-deb --control "$DEBFILE" "$TMPDIR"/DEBIAN
        if [[ ! -e "$TMPDIR"/DEBIAN/control ]]; then
          echo DEBIAN/control not found.
          rm -r "$TMPDIR"
          exit 1
        MOD=`stat -c "%y" "$CONTROL"`
        vi "$CONTROL"
        if [[ "$MOD" == `stat -c "%y" "$CONTROL"` ]]; then
          echo Not modfied.
          echo Building new deb...
          dpkg -b "$TMPDIR" "$OUTPUT"
        rm -r "$TMPDIR"
      • Press Esc.
      • Now to save the file
        type :w
      • Finally to quit vi
        type :q
    2. Now its time to edit the .deb file.
    3. Move the script in the same folder as the Guitar Pro .deb file.
    4. You now need to make debscript executable.
    5. Open a terminal and type:
    6. chmod +x debscript
    7. Then type:
    8. debscript gp6-full-linux-r11201.deb
    9. Now delete gksu.
    10. To delete gksu move next to gksu and press x.
    11. To save the edited .deb file hit Esc and
    12. type :w
    13. Exit by
    14. typing :q
    15. A new file named gp6-full-linux-r11201.modfied.deb will be created.
    16. Do not close the terminal until the new .deb file is created.
  5. You can now install Guitar Pro 6.
  6. In the same terminal or in a new one type:
  7. sudo dpkg -i gp6-full-linux-r11201.modfied.deb
  8. That's it! Enjoy!

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