February 13, 2012

[HOW TO] Create folders in start menu

 If you have way too many applications installed on your computer (like in my computer) and you spend some time trying to find the desired application in the start menu, then a good way to save time and find your application easier is to create folders inside the start menu in order to categorize your applications.
To do this simply follow the steps below:
  1. Click the start menu button
  2. Right click All Programs
  3. Click Open All Users
  4. Open the Programs folder (Inside this folder you can find all the applications you have installed)
  5. Create a new folder and give it a name.
  6. Place inside the new folder you've created the applications you want.
For example: You have various internet applications such as Firefox, Chorme, Utorrent, JDownloader.
Create a folder and name it Internet, then place the above applications inside the "Internet" folder.

Thats it! You now have all your apps categorised and you can find anything you want easily.

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